Nepal-earthquake-4The people of Nepal continue to grapple with the after shock of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook their country last week. So far more than 5,000 lives have been lost with some remote valleys cut off from help – raising fears that the death toll could rise.

International relief and rescue teams have poured into Nepal as the scope of the devastation becomes clearer. World Vision has over 200 staff on the ground, responding to the needs of survivors – especially children. At this stage, their role is to provide survivors with clean water, food, cooking kits, temporary shelter and protection for children. Disaster management experts from around the region – including in neighbouring India and Bangladesh – are assisting with coordinating relief efforts.

I just received this update from Tim Costello, who is currently on the ground in Nepal: “It’s hard for me to describe the emotions that flood your mind and heart when you are confronted with the reality of so many lives lost, so many still missing, and millions more lives forever changed.”

“The massive destruction of roads and trails that provide the only access to remote areas near the earthquake’s epicentre is making relief efforts nearly impossible.

“Children have been separated from their parents, and many people are being forced to sleep in the streets. As time passes there is a strong likelihood that those who have critical injuries will not survive.”

Recently Tim reported, "This is the most difficult emergency I've ever attended. I've just visited a hospital that is set up to treat 5,000 patients. It’s now trying to service a population of 250,000 – many of them injured and most of whom are children in desperate need of amputations.”

Please pray for:

  • Those who are injured or have lost loved ones. 
  • Protection of the hearts and minds of children, including sponsor children.
  • The safety of volunteers and aid workers involved in the relief efforts.

If you are able to provide urgent supplies to survivors, you can make a donation to World Vision here. Latest updates are also available online.

Thank you for your prayers and support for all those affected by this natural disaster.

UPDATE: Here's a link to what has been achieved so far (1st June 2015).