Okay, what next?
Take action on your worries
As you look over your list of worries (you did this yesterday, didn't you?), ask yourself, "Can I do anything about this?"
Turn your worries into actions. Re-define them as problems and come up with solutions for each one of them. Then crowd out your worries by actually working on them. 
After all, worry can be useful … IF it gets your attention and motivates you to action. 
If the fuel light on your car dashboard is flashing red, don't worry about running out of petrol (or 'gas', for my American friends) or stress about the possibility of having to walk home. Simply turn your worry into an action. Turn into the nearest petrol station and fill up your tank. Worry will disappear immediately! 
I know that this is very deep and insightful wisdom for you here … but imagine if we did this for every worry on our list!
Has someone been a bit 'cool' towards you today at work? Don't allow your mind to spend the entire day wondering if they don't like you anymore or if they are gossiping about you. Turn your worry into action. Ask them if everything is alright. It's probably not even about you anyway. 
So, you haven't seen someone from your small group for over a month? Don't worry about whether they have left your group or whether they don't like you anymore more. Simply turn your worry into an action and give them a call. There is probably a very good explanation … and you'll save yourself all that wasted energy on worry.
What actions can you take today to start knocking off some of those worries on that list of yours?
Tomorrow: Part 4