As you can see from our recent conversation about worry, there are two things not worth worrying about:
  1. Those you can do something about. 
  2. Those you can't do something about. 
Simply take action on the former and trust God and pray about the latter. In other words, don't worry about anything! 
WHY break free from worry? 
First of all, it doesn't help us at all, unless it leads us to action. Secondly, it takes away our joy. You can't worry and be joyful at the same time! And finally, worry causes us to be consumed and preoccupied with our own needs. 
Jesus did actually give us a strategy for conquering worry. He said, instead of worrying, "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" (Matthew 6:33). In other words, get busy advancing God's work in the world, helping out, serving, bringing justice, showing mercy, and making a difference.
Imagine an entire group of people free from worry and being a blessing wherever they go!
That's what Jesus had in mind … for you and me. 
Say it with me, "No worries!"
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