Open I’ll never forget having lunch with an influential leader a while back. I asked him how he was doing and he went on to tell me how great things were and about all the good things happening in his life. He then asked me how I was doing. I paused for a moment … things had been a bit tough for me at that time. Would I take the safe route and tell him things were ‘fine’ OR would I open up and tell him the truth?

I decided to share some of the difficulties I was facing. Interestingly, the conversation went to a deeper level and he actually then began to open up and share some of his own struggles. As a result, we were able to encourage one another.

Openness … it’s an amazing thing. In fact, it’s the key to intimacy and a sense of closeness in any relationship. Obviously, you need to feel ‘safe’ in order to be open, but it’s usually worth the risk.

Be open, honest and real. Share how you are really doing.

Openness … Think about it.

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