InflTake a moment to think about the person who has had the greatest positive impact on your life. I’m sure someone is coming to your mind right now – maybe it is a teacher, a coach, a team member, someone from your family, or a friend. Now ask yourself why you chose them. What was it about them?

I’ve done this exercise with hundreds of people and the results are always the same. It’s very rarely talent, achievement or knowledge that impacts us the most. It is always the character of the person – qualities such as their care, their personal interest, their integrity, their passion, their example, or their persistence.

This should be a big lesson for us. After all, your greatest impact will be WHO YOU ARE, not what you do or what you know. Sure, skill, success and education are worth pursuing BUT they will not be the cause of our greatest influence.

As you go through your day and mix with the people around you, think about the kind of person you are. The good news is that you can become a person of impact by developing the same qualities that influenced you.

Impact … Think about it.