It's time for some reflections from our weekly Proverb and today is the 10th of the month so it's Proverbs 10 (Message Bible). 

Vs.4-5. Sloth makes you poor; diligence brings wealth. Make hay while the sun shines – that's smart; go fishing during harvest – that's stupid.

Life operates on the principle of sowing and reaping. We reap what we sow, there's a period of time between sowing and reaping, and we reap more than we sow. The wise sow diligence into their lives. Diligence leads to blessing, profit and happiness while laziness leads to judgment, loss and disappointment. What are you sowing this week – hard work or idleness? There's a time for activity and for rest. Getting the balance right is essential. 

Vs.9. Honesty lives confident and carefree, but Shifty is sure to be exposed.

Someone once said that if you always tell the truth you never have to remember what you say. Honesty starts in the small things – avoiding exaggeration by giving accurate details and explanations, admiting it when we are wrong, and not twisting things to make ourselves look good. Honesty is always the best policy.

Vs.11. The mouth of a good person is a deep, life–giving well, but the mouth of the wicked is a dark cave of abuse. Vs.19-20. The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure their words. The speech of a good person is worth waiting for; the blabber of the wicked is worthless. Vs.31-32. A good person's mouth is a clear fountain of wisdom; a foul mouth is a stagnant swamp. The speech of a good person clears the air; the words of the wicked pollute it.

Once again, we learn about the power of our words and the importance of controlling our tongue. Garbage in = garbage out. Feed on wisdom. Fill your heart with good things because out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Choose your words carefully. Be quick to listen and slow to speak. Let your words bring life to the hearers today. 

Vs.14. The wise accumulate knowledge – a true treasure; know–it–alls talk too much – a sheer waste.

What are you learning right now – about God, about life, about yourself, about others and about our world? Wise people are never content but are always learning new things. How are you positioning yourself to learn or experience something new today? Is it investing time reading a book, listening to a message, or spending time with a mentor? If your inflow doesn't equal your outflow it will lead to your downfall. 

Vs.17. The road to life is a disciplined life; ignore correction and you're lost for good.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be 'disciples' = disciplined ones. Each day we are called to take up our cross, die to selfishness, and live for God and others. We are to intentionally put off (or get rid of) the works of the old sinful nature and we put on the new nature which is created to be like Jesus Christ. That takes discipline on our part and the help of the Holy Spirit as our partner and helper in life and ministry.  

Vs.22. God 's blessing makes life rich; nothing we do can improve on God.

Here is a wonderful promise. May you know and experience the fullness of God's blessing and favour on your life today.