Yesterday we talked briefly about the power of partnership. As a leader, one of the key partnerships that have helped me is that between myself and my Personal Assistant, Sue. We have worked together for over twelve years now. It’s been a great relationship and Sue has helped me to be much more effective and productive in my ministry life.

What are some of the qualities of a good assistant? Here are my top 3:

1. Good People Skills.

Church work is all about people. The ability to relate well to a wide variety of people is essential, as is the ability to keep calm and to control your emotions. Attributes such as warmth, kindness, politeness, empathy, and tactfulness are vital. Who you are as a person has a great impact. That’s why a pleasant personality is important. An assistant represents you, your ministry, and the church. They need to know how to handle difficult people and difficult situations.

2. Efficient Work Skills.

Doing your work with excellence is vital. This includes qualities such as thoroughness, accuracy, attention to detail, and reliability. Other essential qualities include initiative (doing what needs to be done without having to be asked) and pro-activity (jumping into the work without having to be motivated by someone else). The ability to multi-task is also important – to keep multiple balls in the air without letting any of them drop.

3. A Servant Attitude.

A good assistant has a ‘can do’ attitude. Nothing is a problem. They believe it can be done. They find a way. A good assistant is willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get the job done. No job is too small, menial, or insignificant. Flexibility is vital. Things change! At times you have to drop what you’re doing. A good assistant serves ‘joyfully’.

Here’s a big ‘thank you’ to Sue and to all the other assistants out there who help us so much!!

One thought on “Qualities of A Great Assistant

  1. I personally think that leadership is another required quality. The person needs to, if you like, lead from behind. I have been in this position on and off over the years either from appointment or necessity and I know that, at times, God has used my leadership gift to ‘see’ what the leader needs and support them more effectively. It’s a mindset that understands what is needed because they have the ability to step into the shoes of the leader without taking over the leaders’ position. I guess it goes without saying that a passion for the gospel and understanding the enormous privilege of serving the Lord go hand in hand and make for a happy working environment.

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