Images-10 3.  Being over Doing

Yes, we will be DOING a lot this year! However, who we ARE speaks louder than what we SAY or what we DO. It affects HOW we go about what we do on a daily basis. Qualities such as gratitude, joyfulness, enthusiasm, and willingness are vital. The psalmist says, "Serve the Lord with gladness (Ps.100:1)!"

Your greatest impact will be from who you are – your EXAMPLE (2 Tim 3:16). That’s why God is more interested in WHO you are becoming than WHAT you are doing for Him.

In his excellent book The Making of Leader, Robert Clinton says, “God develops a leader over a lifetime. That development is a function of the use of events and people to impress leadership lessons upon a leader. Processing is central. All leaders can point to critical incidents in their lives where God taught them something very important.”

Each of us is in God’s training program. God uses “process items” along the way to shape us and develop us. Ultimately, we minister out of who we are. This is the source of true spiritual authority. God’s major work is to and in you, not just through you.

There are clear patterns of leadership emergence and development including: Sovereign Foundations, Inner Life Growth, Ministry Maturing, Life Maturing, and Convergence. In leadership development, the shift from “Ministry Maturing” to “Life Maturing” is crucial. Most often this involves a series of tests or crisis moments and our response to them has far-reaching implications.   

Character development is our greatest test and always precedes promotion or greater fruitfulness. Problems are God’s stepping-stones to maturity. God does not stop working on your character once you move into leadership. Mature ministry flows from mature character. Growth in BEING results in a higher level of DOING, which then requires increased maturity in BEING. Leadership is a lifetime of God’s lessons. Many biblical examples come to mind, including Jacob, Joseph, David, Esther and Peter.

Many leaders plateau or drop out as time goes by. Only a few keep growing – inwardly and outwardly. Don't let that happen to you. Character counts! After all, what you build with your charisma can be destroyed through lack of character – in an instant. 

Open up your heart afresh for God to work IN you. Here is a good prayer for starters ..

Psa. 139:23-24. Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. 

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  1. Excellent points of reference & great encouragement Mark. Thank you! A crisis in one’s life can make you stronger and wiser if you trust and rely upon God to get you through. Absolutely NOTHING is impossible with God!

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