SabbathSo what now? That’s another good question.

1. Personally, I need to re-engage with church life and ministry. I need to get back in harness and up to speed with what God is now doing. I’ll gradually ease back in over the next few weeks.

2. We want to keep the current spiritual momentum going. God’s Spirit is at work. We’re not going to press rewind and play. The church has moved on. I have moved on. I have changed and grown. Other people have too. It’s time to keep moving forward. The Lord said to Moses, “Get up and resume the journey, and lead the people to the land I swore to give to their ancestors, so they may take possession of it (Deut.10:11).” There is a time to stop and reflect on past and present issues, dealing with them appropriately and learning the lessons we need to. Then there is a time to get up and resume the journey – to move forward from where you are.

3. Finally, I need to give more attention to my leadership of the church, considering my role and the best contribution that I can make for everyone. That will be a major part of my focus over the next few months as I seek to provide better clarity of our future vision, which includes who God wants us to be as a church, what he wants us to do, and where he wants us to go.

In conclusion, I am extremely grateful for this sabbatical period. I feel really well – refreshed, rested, rejuvenated and ready for this next season. I know that I am called to lead this church. I feel content and at peace. I am really excited about your future and the opportunities God is placing in front of us (e.g. the recent purchase of the 4 acres of Eastlink land in Knox is just one example). Our best days are truly ahead of us!

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I really appreciate it.