A few reflections from Proverbs

1. Wisdom will save you from the
immoral person. The path of lust leads to death and to hell. If you take that
route you are doomed and will never reach the path of life. Think about it.

2. Instead of following evil and
immoral people, follow the steps of good people and stay on the path of the
righteous. Ultimately, only the upright will live in the land and people of
integrity will be blessed. Wicked people will be removed from the land and

3. Who are the ‘good people’ that you
are following? Study their lives and the steps that they took. Learn from them
and save yourself from folly. Wisdom is learning from the successes and
mistakes of other people rather than from only personal experience, which can
take much longer and be much more painful.

4.The way to life is through
wisdom and godliness.  Any other option
leads to death. It’s as simple as that. Believe this – make it your value – and
live it out. Be smart.

5. Paradox: Wisdom is something we must strive vigorously to
achieve, yet it is a gift from God. Yes, work hard at studying wisdom
(primarily in the Scriptures), but knowing that wisdom ultimately comes
from God chastens our pride and leads to humility. Thank God for it. The same
paradox exists with the warrior in battle and the Christian in life

6. Cycle
(vs.5-6): Seek wisdom, find God; seek God, find wisdom. When you find wisdom,
thank God for it.

7. There are no imperatives in this chapter, only an extended appeal from a
father to a son to acquire wisdom. Yet, hear the urgency!

More wisdom for life.