Fuel At our staff prayer meeting last week, I shared a few thoughts about ENERGY.

In Psalm 23, we learn that God desires to "renew our strength" or "restore our soul." 

Energy is one of our most valuable resources (not just 'time'). When someone brings 'energy' to a meeting, appointment or interaction, what does it look like? We agreed that it includes creativity, enthusiasm, attentiveness, focus, ideas and future movement. When someone lacks 'energy' it shows through things such as apathy, tiredness, and disinterest.

Energy is a resource that needs constant renewing, due to continual depletion, just like petrol in our cars. We need to create a balance of activity and rest in our lives and ministries.

How do you renew your energy? What things help you to refuel? Make sure that you engage in these on a regular basis so that you can bring all the energy you need to your ministry times.

Energy renewal is not automatic nor does it always involve a supernatural 'zap.' We benefit tremendously from engaging in regular habits of energy renewal (such as prayer, the Scriptures, solitude, fun, laughter, sleep, recreation, exercise, etc) and sometimes we simply have to choose to BE energetic, with feelings often following our choices.

I trust you have an enjoyable and energetic day!

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