Lie #5 – "You can have it now."

This generation get their music – now, their texts – now, their fast food – now, their information – now. They are accustomed to living this way and they have a low tolerance for waiting. Of course, us adults are not much more patient either. WAIT is a four letter word for adults too. We haven't learned to "pay now and play later." We expect instant gratification and we are quick to give up when the answers aren't coming. This lack of self-discipline and persistence will hinder young people in achieving success in their life. 

Lie #6 – "You're a winner just because you participated."

This phrase may sound okay when kids are young and playing in little league but kids are not stupid. Some young people are far more capable than others and ignoring this reality robs kids of motivation. It dilutes the value of achievement. If everybody wins, then actually everybody loses. There is nothing to strive for and nothing to feel genuinely proud of. The real world doesn't work like this. 

Lie #7 – "You can get whatever you want."

Many kids today get pretty much everything they want as they grow up. They shop, research, phone, text-message, and write to friends at any time, any place, to find what they want – and they expect to get it. They rarely have to take 'no' for an answer. Sadly, this sets them up for disappointment later in life because none of us get everything we want. Like the other lies, this one nurtures unhealthy adults who cannot delay gratification, who feel entitled to the best all the time, and who quit when something doesn't turn out the way they would like it. 

Dr. Chris Thurman believes that "the number one cause of our unhappiness are the lies we believe in life." Growing up requires facing the truth and embracing reality. If we truly love our kids, we'll make sure they hear the truth. 

For suggestions on the truths we must communicate to this younger generation, chick here.

[From Tim Elmore's book: Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future]

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