When I was much younger I had a significant leader give me some feedback. He started out by encouraging me about my potential and my future. Then he said, “Mark, there’s a few things you need to work on. Firstly, you need to smile more. You’ve very tall and that can be quite intimidating for people. Begin to smile more regularly." Then he shared a few other things that we don’t have time to talk about today.

I must admit, at first I was a bit annoyed. “Smile … come on, I’m smiling on the inside!” But then I realised he was right. So I began smiling more. I’d drive down the road and just put a big smile on my face. I’d get into an elevator and I’d smile.

A smile really does make a difference to the atmosphere around you. It warms things up and it tends to draw people to you rather than away from you. You know we don’t really know what Jesus looked like because we don't have a picture or video of him. However, it tells me something about Jesus when the Gospels tell us that children ran up to him. What kind of people do children run towards? Not grumpy people, that’s for sure! I’m sure Jesus had a smile on his face and an enthusiasm about life that was contagious.

Smile … Think about it.

3 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. That leader knew you’d be needing that advise. Good on you for being humble and taking the advise and implementing it. Yes, your height can be intimidating but your whole demeanor especially a smile changes that. How good to have people willing to speak positive changes into our lives but how much more important for us to listen and implement that change. You have a great smile and thanks for encouraging us to use our smiles too!

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