Chains_4Paul tells us not to give place (a foothold) to the devil, which means it’s obviously possible (see Eph.4:25-27). If we give place to the devil, we can give demons the right to ‘occupy’ parts of our lives (like illegal ‘squatters’). That’s why at times people have to be loosed or set free from demonic involvement.

What are some possible access points for the enemy to work in our lives?

I’m sure there are many and it’s worth giving this some serious consideration. Over the next few days we’ll look briefly at four possible ‘access points’ from my observation, experience and study.

1. Involvement in the Occult.

The Bible makes it clear that involvement in things like the occult and false religion are not only offensive to God, but they can also open us up to the influence of the evil one and therefore they need to be renounced (see Deut.18:9-14).

This involves a whole range of things from extremes such as Satan worship, witchcraft, and séances through to involvement in magic, fortune telling, palm reading, tarot cards, and astrology (even horoscopes). It also includes involvement in things such as false religion or various cults or secret societies.

In the church at Ephesus back in the first century there were a number of people who had been involved in magic and sorcery. When they came to Christ, they repented of this and they brought a whole heap of their incantation books to a public bonfire (see Acts 19:11-20).

When we become Christians, through the cross of Jesus Christ there is provision for complete wholeness and freedom. It’s like every chain is now unlocked, as is every prison. However, we need to apply the power of the cross in our life and go free from things that have held us captive. A good example of this is Lazarus. Jesus raised him from the dead but his friends and family needed to help loose him from the clothes that were binding him.

These believers at Ephesus confessed their sin and then removed anything occultic or related to their former way of living from their life. I believe we should do the same – renounce and remove.

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