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I have grown up around church leaders and ministers. I'm a PK, a 'preacher's kid', or a TO, as my dad used to call me, a theological offspring'. I have also been involved in a variety of church ministries both as a volunteer and as a staff member for over twenty-five years now (I started very young!). I led the worship ministry of our church for five years as a volunteer (age 20-25), while working full time at National Mutual insurance company in the city of Melbourne. Then in 1985, I came on full time staff at our church, where I have served in a variety of roles over the last twenty years, including worship, youth, administration and pastoral care.

Along the way, I have often asked myself. "What are the keys to having a high impact and long lasting ministry?" From my perspective there are seven principles that are essential for anyone who longs to have a life and a ministry that has a significant impact. I have articulated these principles in my book Successful Christian Ministry. It will be a help and inspiration to anyone involved in any sort of ministry – within the church, the community, or the marketplace.

Copies of this book can be obtained from WORD Australia bookstores or from Koorong here in Australia. In the USA, you can order this book from Amazon in paperback format or in eBook format.

For a free summary of the principles outlined in this book, click here.

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