FirefightersTragedies such as the current bush fires, often bring out the best and worst of humanity. To hear of people looting, vandalising, setting up fraudulent fund-raising schemes, and even committing arson, is so shocking and sad. In contrast, to see how most people rise to the challenge to support and help each other with genuine love, service, and goodwill is a tribute to humanity. After all, we were all made in the image of God our Creator, even if that image has been marred. 

Let's continue to do all we can to help those affected by the fires. I have spoken to a number of people this week who have lost their homes, as well as friends and loved ones in the fires. This is such a difficult time for them but as we come alongside them with encouragement and support, I believe that they can make it through. 

Let's keep praying, offering practical help where possible, and giving financially. Our church has already made a $10,000 donation to the bush fire appeal and we will take up special offerings in all of our church gatherings this coming weekend, as well as encourage people to continue to give via the various bush fire appeals taking place. 

Our community ministry is also providing accommodation, clothes, and food for bush fire victims. 

Finally, be sure to take some time to write or contact our fire-fighters, emergency service workers, as well as many of the other individuals and organisations involved in this crisis. We took a minute or so in one of our church gatherings last weekend to record a brief video message to the firefighters. 

Thanks everyone!

P.S. For information on how you can volunteer your services, click here or call the Information Victoria Bushfire Volunteer Hotline on 1300 366 356.

8 thoughts on “Responding to the Bush Fire Tragedy

  1. In memory of the firefighter that died today in a suspicious house fire he was due to go back out today to fight and save the lives of others.
    Thanks so much Pastor Mark for keeping us up to date on all the fundraising efforts!As well reminding us everyday to pray for the people of Victoria!!
    God bless you heaps as you serve Him!!!

  2. Firefighters, paramedics and all volunteers are truly to be commended in their services on the front-line.
    The losses would have been greater if it was not for the assistance of these wonderful people.
    I have sent a note to these folks through Mark’s newsletter. Thanks Mark!
    Needless to say that our prayers to Our Heavenly Father were invaluable as well.

  3. Bianca, you rock sis!
    Joining my prayers with yours, Stephen’s and Mark’s to send heartfelt condolences for the sad loss of the firefighter and the tragic loss of the many precious lives. May the Lord comfort them with His love. Good to see people with compassionate hearts joining hands in prayer and helping others in practical ways during these tragic times.
    Blessings to you.

  4. What a coincedence I was listening to these songs!!!
    I encourage everyone to watch these videos and be challenged!!

  5. Hi Mark,
    If we want to donate clothing for this, where do we have to go? Will there be a basket or something out during the weekend service? Do we have to go to the Warehouse?
    Thanks for your blog posts. The way you write as well as reply to comments really reflects God’s graciousness.

  6. Hi Mark. I was disappointed to see that the Pentecostal churches were not represented at the recent memorial service for the bushfire survivors. Wouldn’t it be good to show solidarity with the other churches of Australia in a public way when an opportunity presents itself?
    I continue to appreciate the the high standard of ministry we receive from the team at Citylife. Thank you all…….Robyn Simpson

  7. Hi Robyn
    We only heard details about this event last week and we weren’t asked to participate. With our own weekend meetings and this being on a Sunday morning, it was a bit hard to know what to do.
    It is definitely the type of thing we would like to be involved in.
    There is also a bit of a pulse in the community that this event was held far too soon, as some people are still finding out whether loved ones are alive or not, as well as still grieving. I think that’s why the numbers were much lower than expected.
    Thanks also for your encouragement – appreciate it!

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