The asylum seeker issue continues to hit the news here in Australia and beyond. 

 On June 29 at 7:30 there is a free debate in the city of Melbourne.

Business Faith Law and Morality: The Asylum Seeker Debate.

What is Your opinion?

The asylum seeker issue needs resolving. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to listen to expert opinion and have your considerations and suggestions discussed.

What is the role of Faith and a United Faith Community in the Asylum Seeker debate?

Are Asylum Seekers an Economic opportunity or threat?

Does Business have a role to play in the Asylum Seeker debate?

Do we have a Moral obligation to assist Asylum Seekers?

Is Australia’s policy to discourage some Asylum Seekers Legal?

Experts, to lead us in discussion:

  • Julian Burnside AO QC. Julian is a high profile barrister committed to human rights who has been nominated a National Living Treasure.
  • Jarrod McKenna. Jarrod, who was a practicing Pastor, and his family live with 17 newly settled asylum seekers at the First Home Project. He established Love Makes A Way and is currently on secondment from World Vision to Common Grace.
  • Ivor Ries worked as a journalist overseas and here writing the esteemed Chanticleer for the AFR. He moved on to accept executive roles in business.
  • Rev Prof Andrew Dutney is president of the Uniting Church is widely published, and regularly broadcast, in both religious and mainstream ethics.
  • Pamela Curr: Is one of Who who’s Australian women and works at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. She regularly contributes to The Drum, Crikey and other journals.
  • Ruth Bungay - is a multi-disciplined business consultant and economist. With a background in finance and venture capital, Ruth has helped and analysed many companies across many industry sectors.

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