IpadOkay, confession time … I have an iPad … and it is really cool. It hasn't replaced my phone or my laptop … yet … but it does a lot of things really well. It is brilliant for browsing the internet, doing email and checking your calendar. The eBook reader on it is much better than the Kindle. It is colour and turning pages is much more intuitive and you can load all your Kindle books on to it, plus 1000s of other eBooks (one application alone gives you access to over 23,000 free public domain classic books). The touch screen is like a big iPod and is a pleasure to work with. There are over 100,000 applications that can be used on the iPad – most of them free or very inexpensive – from calculators to encyclopedias.

It has a full size keyboard that pops up any time you want to type – either in Notes or in Apple's suite of applications such as Pages (similar to Word) and Numbers (similar to Xcel). Viewing photos and video is a cinch. Battery life is around 10 hours of continuous use.

Watch the full profile here.

I think they'll really take off, especially as more variations are released and prices come down (hopefully).

6 thoughts on “The iPad

  1. How decadent you are… and how jealous I am! WHat to do with your kindle now?????? Oh yes you can put it in the bookshelf with the other books you don’t read.

  2. I am glad to hear that you like it, but I am not able to give up real books: the feel of the paper between my fingers, the look of real print, the rustle of the pages. Who soaks in the tub with a kindle or an iPad?

  3. I came back to read this post just to see what you thought of the iPad, thinking you would be having a go at iPad users! Sucked in Mark! Oops, is my jealousy showing?
    My mum, who turns 80 soon bought an iPad a few weeks ago when we went to upgrade her laptop, she absolutely loves it. I would secretly LOVE one but I just can’t justify the money, so I continue to read my books on my iPhone which is still pretty cool. My mum almost took it to her bible study but then decided it would be too decadent and took her usual bible :0) What will apple think of next?

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