BibleThe Bible is the most important book ever written, yet often it remains unopened and unread. The Bible is totally unique. It is different from all other books, having no like or equal.

1. In its composition. It was written over a period of 1,600 years by 40 different authors and in three different languages yet it speaks with a common voice. It has an internal consistency and theme that is nothing short of amazing.

2. In its circulation. It is the most published book in history. It has been at the top of the best seller list yearly for 200-300 years. Billions of copies of this book have been printed over the years and millions continue to sell year after year.

3. In its translation. The Bible has been translated into over 1000 different languages and many more are on the way. No book comes close to this.

4. In its reliability. We hold in our hands the Word of God, a revelation of his character, his purpose and principles for right living. It is inspired by the Holy Spirit and has been miraculously preserved through the years of copying and translation so that we can be sure of its trustworthiness and reliability.

5. In its durability. The Bible has survived bans and burnings, ridicule and criticism by opponents. It lives on. People have risked their lives to continue to spread Bibles where they have been banned.

6. In its effect. It has a depth that causes people to never finish reading it. They want to keep reading it over and you keep seeing new things. People have multiple copies. They study it and carry it around. What people learn transforms their lives and values.

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Eat this book!

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  1. Dear Mark,
    I have recently discovered your dad’s teachings. I really would love to be able to listen to more because I love his teachings! But I have only been able to find two sermons on line (besides the three on your church website). I would like to know if there is any way I can find more?
    I am in California.
    Thanks so much and God bless you!
    Sandra Manriquez

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