Today I begin a series of conversations with my wife, Nicole Conner, on the topic of ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’. Nicole has a Masters of Narrative Therapy and Community Work from Melbourne University and she has her own narrative therapy practice called Defining Stories. Over the last few years, Nicole has been able to come alongside many people and help them navigate a variety of problems and challenges in their lives.

In this first video conversation, we discuss narrative therapy and what drew Nicole to this particular modality or discipline. We also talk about how this approach can be transformative.

Here are the other episodes in this series on The Stories We Tell Ourselves:

  1. Narrative Therapy (this episode).
  2. Defining Stories.
  3. Problem Stories.
  4. Externalisation and the Table of Life.
  5. A Story About Anxiety.
  6. Discerning Your Dominant Story.

For those desiring to learn more about narrative therapy, here are some recommended resources:

2 thoughts on “The Stories We Tell Ourselves – Narrative Therapy

  1. As I I listened to you Nicole i thought which story, my divorce, my dad dying , my mum dying all the stories etc and then i thought no go back to my first story and the fear i felt when i got home and my mum and dad where not home and the fear of panic i felt related to how i handled the other stories, i can see exactly what you mean Nicole. thankyou for sharing, annette

    1. Thank you for sharing, Annette. I do hope our ongoing conversation is helpful to you and your story. Mark

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