To follow on from yesterday's post on "Third Space Conversations" … here are a few reflection questions …

  1. One approach to evangelism is for Christians to invite unchurched people into the ‘first space’. What kind of person is this applicable to? What kind of person may never come straight into a ‘first space’ gathering? What ways could we can make the ‘first space’ more welcoming to outsiders?

  2. The majority of Christians spend a great deal of their time and energy in ‘second space’. How can the church better equip them to fulfil God’s purpose for them in this space?

  3. Reflect on a ‘third space’ experience you have had. How did it happen and what was it like?

  4. What are some practical ways we can become more comfortable in communicating in ‘third space’ environments? [Consider reading Erwin McManus' book "Soul Cravings" as a tool to learning to communicate the gospel in a third space context]

  5. What are some keys to them receiving more ‘third space’ opportunities?

  6. Church staff spend the vast majority of their time and energy in ‘first space’. What are some of the benefits of this? What are some of the dangers? Is it a reasonable expectation of church staff for them to spend some time in the ‘second space’? If so, how can they create more ‘second space’ moments in their world?

Third Space … think about it …. then go there … Jesus is already there 🙂

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