A new day.
A fresh start
A clear page
Wonders waiting to be discovered. 

New dreams yet to be born.
Visions still unseen.
Insights unknown.
Wisdom from God's world. 

Yesterday is gone.
Only a memory now.
Lessons learnt.
Experience gained. 

Tomorrow's not yet here.
A future unrealized.
Always beyond our grasp.
The distant horizon. 

Live in this moment.
Right here right now.
The present is what we have.
Pregnant with possibility.

HE is here.
All you need.
Nothing lacking.
Fulness revealed.

Conquer fear.
Walk in faith.
Love is here.
Trust and wait. 

Wide awake.
Seize the day.
Drink it full.
All the way. 

Nothing wasted.
Nothing spared.
Brave and strong.
Free at last. 

Climb your mountain.
Sing your song.
Reach for the sky.
Everything belongs. 

Life is adventure.
Scary for sure.
Well worth living.
No regrets. 

This is your day.