Melbourne Transforming Melbourne is a ministry that exists to unity, servanthood, and prayer to see the church become a united missionary movement for our city. Recently, this ministry has been a catalyst for a major research project aimed at giving an accurate picture of the current condition of the church in Melbourne, a metropolis made up of 31 different cities or municipalities.

For the first time ever, the National Church Life Survey results from participating denominations have been combined with additional surveys carried out by Transforming Melbourne. The Christian Research Association research has been added, and all this put alongside the National Census figures to compare church data with the demographics of the city. 

The result is a snap shot of the size, vitality, diversity and trends in the life of the Body of Christ in our city, together with descriptive reports on many vital aspects and ministries of the Church.

The Report reveals the strengths of the Church and something of the great range of resources and the vital support provided for the people across Melbourne by local churches, Christian welfare agencies, Christian schools, health care and chaplaincies in many sectors of society.

There are many encouraging aspects of the report, but the statistics of the Church as whole and the current trends are quite a shock. The good news is they provide a basis for developing effective and strategic plans for collaborative mission and ministry to reverse these trends.

To learn more, consider attending the All MELBOURNE MATTERS report on Wednesday 1st April from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm at New Hope Baptist Church (Cnr Middleborough and Springfield Roads, Blackburn Nth). This is an especially relevant event for all church pastors and leaders from any ministries and movements across Melbourne. Hear the report. Listen to key speakers. Be part of practical Workshops. Ask questions. Raise issues. Share insights.

Click here to register online or here to order any of the research reports.

2 thoughts on “Transforming Melbourne

  1. Hi Pastor Mark, looking forward to seeing you again on Wednesday 1st April during the ‘OUR CITY- OUR GENERATION – GOD’S HEART’ Pastors and Leaders Conference.

  2. Hi Kitty.
    Unfortunately, I have prior commitments that day, so will be unable to tend. However, I did attend the initial launch of this data with 50 key church and ministry leaders from across Melbourne. It was an excellent time together.

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