Church Building We know that the church that Jesus is building is not a physical building or a work of human architecture. Church buildings are really just 'sheep sheds' where God's people hang out from time to time. They can be anything from a home to a pub to a cathedral. The real church is people – God's new community.

However, it's interesting to have a look at the different types of buildings that are used for church around the world.

Check out this link for a list of the 10 most unique church buildings ….

I like the Rock Church!

10 thoughts on “Unique Church Buildings

  1. The Rock Church looks like a UFO that fell splat into the ground!
    I recall being at a BBQ a while ago and a lady asked me which church I go to and when I said “CityLife’, she said “That’s where all the cool people go to…”
    CityLife’s building may not be as visually unique but it’s certainly spiritually unique, the “coolest” place in town to hang out!

  2. WOW!!! These are amazing churches! Thanks Mark! Love the “Rock” church. Simply awesome to think that they actually blasted the rock to form a building underground! Is this what they call an underground church? LOL Three times I had a dream, some years back, about building a ‘Rock’ church that resembled Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Ayers Rock 🙂 AHhhhh…. we can dream 🙂

  3. My favourite is Las Lajas Cathedral
    I can just imagine Our King of kings and Lord of lords riding on His white horse and leading His Church out of that church building to the rescue of Israel. However this is NO fairytale as the end time approaches. It may not be that building but from Heaven the King of kings and Lord of lords will surely come on great victory.

  4. Those are amazing and really imaginative churches, however I think the Church that Christ built will be even more amazing, like nothing we have ever seen or can ever imagine! Amen.

  5. umm… those modern contraptions leave me rather cold. St. Gildas looks good. A pub sounds even better 🙂

  6. Ummm… Nicole. Just a thought 🙂 Isn’t a pub a place where Jesus would go in to seek the lost to bring them back into the Father’s House? Jesus did say to go into the world, but not be part of it…

  7. I don’t see the interior of a pub being anymore or less of the world than an interior of a swimming pool, cinema, etc etc. The warning of not being of the world relates to what we take into our interiors – greed, malice, slander, gluttony, pride – these sins depicting the fallen state of humanity are what Jesus comes to redeem and transform us from through grace. And strangely enough these “of the world” attitudes are just as rampant in a nice church building – but a lot more deadly – because people feel they need to disguise them in at times crazy, religious behaviour – because the gospel of grace has been reduced to a behaviour and appearance modification programme :)I love Jesus just as much in a pub with my friends talking about God, as I do on Sunday morning singing a song. I try to approach my faith in Christ holistically not segmented.

  8. How very true Nicole. I don’t see anything wrong with having discussions with friends or others about Jesus in a pub setting either… even Jesus graciosly did that, but He always pointed people back to the Eternal Kingdom. After all He came to build His church and not His pub or swimmimng pool 🙂 HehHehHeh Hey?
    Sorry if I misunderstiood your statement concerning the church building here > umm… those modern contraptions leave me rather cold. St. Gildas looks good. A pub sounds even better 🙂 < We can even hold a church service out in the open, as Jesus did in His day, like in Jell's Park for instance. Church goes wherevever God's people go. We are the church after all. Hey? 🙂 Have a lovely day my friend. Missing you all. Ps. I still love the church buildings, but look forward to the glorious one God has prepared for us, which will be even more majestic and glorious than man could ever concieve or imagine!

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