WWW The World Wide Web is an amazing source of information and communication. However, it's becoming so huge and complex that you can easily get lost in it or miss out on some of spots well worth visiting. Last month I shared a variety of sites that may be if interest to you. Here are some more:

  1. GADGETS. Visit www.productwiki.com for a thorough listing and review of all sorts of gadgets. For local price comparison here in Australia, check out www.staticice.com.au
  2. GARDENING. Visit Gardening Australia at www.abc.net.au/gardening if you need help or inspiration for your garden. Also, check out www.thevegetablepatch.com, www.burkesbackyard.com.au and www.weekendgardener.net.
  3. EATING OUT. Looking for somewhere to eat out? Visit www.webmenu.com.au for a list of restaurants in all Australian capital cities and then browse menus for most of them. Other details include maps and opening hours.
  4. PERFUME. Looking for a special gift? Check out www.perfumeempire.com.au for some great fragrance bargains, with discounts up to 80% off the recommended retail price.
  5. BOOKS. Visit www.amazon.com – this is the world's largest online bookshop (they also sell all sorts of other stuff too). Prices are very reasonable and they usually can post internationally. For many of the books you can have a look inside at the table of contents and first chapter, as well as the back cover. It's also a good place to read reviews of various books you may be interested in. In some cases, you can get a good overview of the entire book, without even having to purchase it. A good Australian online book site worth visiting is www.booktopia.com.au and a good UK site with free shipping worldwide is the book depository.

Happy surfing!


7 thoughts on “Web Wonders – November 2009

  1. Oh my goodness.. That book depository site is gonna be VERY dangerous… Just bought Wright’s book on Justification at Koorong the other day… Would’ve saved over $10 if I’d ordered it from that site….Doh!

  2. This is gonna get more people hooked on the net for sure, lol. For a retail therapist, I have manged to successfully stay away from e-bay, the mother of all web wonders : )

  3. Thanks for all the great links Mark and thanks for the books link Glenn. Awesome!
    The gardening links are very useful and helpful 🙂
    We definitely are living in a very fast paced world today, where technology and knowledge is increasing, as Daniel prophesied in the Old Testament…but time is being shortened, even as God’s Word says in the Bible.

  4. Yes! God is so good!!!
    This is indeed a blessing to me when I can find Bible verses and references at a click. Not to mention the great anointed teachings from TBN, KCM, DPM and all those good and uplifting praise and worship songs from GMT and other Christian radio stations.
    Thus there is no excuse for not being fed.
    I am really thankful to the Lord for giving the US the idea of the WWW.
    God bless America!!!
    Praise the Lord!!!

  5. There are some much spiritual food on the Net that we will be spiritual fat(fed) whichever way you like to take it. No more excuses……ha ha ha.

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