Well, it’s about time. I started drafting this post at the beginning of the year but time got away from me. Now January is almost history and we are only eleven months till Christmas.

Every new year brings new opportunities and new aspirations for our lives. I hope yours has gotten off to a great start. My year has started very well with some new things occurring that have brought us great joy.

First, I became a grandfather on 7th January. That didn’t need any work on my behalf but a big congratulations to Josiah and Michelle at the birth of Freya Skye.

I’ve been practicing my very recently acquired grand parenting skills over the last few weeks. As typical grandparents, Nicole and I are totally besotted. Freya sure has a presence that quiets the heart and stills the world.

Second, before Christmas, we moved to a townhouse in Fitzroy North, a suburb in inner urban Melbourne. This is our fourth move in three years. Back in late 2016, we sold our dream home, downsized and relocated to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We lived there for a few years and really enjoyed it. Then in May 2018, we moved back to Melbourne to be near my ageing parents, Kevin and Rene Conner, both of whom have passed away in the last 18 months. We have rented in a few different places – Blairgowrie then Elwood. Hopefully, we will be able to settle in Fitzroy North for the foreseeable future. We are close to family and friends and we really love this part of the world’s most liveable city.

Third, this year I plan on continuing my freelance work. This includes the following contributions:

  1. Speaking. I enjoy public speaking and inspiring people to grow and change for the better. Most of the time I speak in church contexts but I have also been speaking for some not-for-profit and business environments lately. My web site has a page where you can keep up to date with my speaking schedule. I’m planning to do more speaking in Melbourne this year, so if I can be of service to you or your organisation, please let me know. Also, be sure to access free audios of many of previous messages. This includes my podcast which is launching new messages all the time (also available on Apple Music and Spotify).
  2. Training. I love providing training for people ion a variety of areas. This year I already have some seminars and conferences where I will be speaking.
  3. Writing. Besides occasional blogging and continuing to promote my father’s many books and training courses (see www.kevinconner.org), I have written seven books. I have the material for another three books ready to write and hope to publish at least two new books this year.
  4. Halftime. I have greatly benefited from the concept and work of the Halftime organisation, founded by Bob Buford. This year I will be facilitating one or two executive roundtables in Melbourne. Visit the Halftime Australia web site for more details.
  5. Coaching. I engage in some one-on-one coaching with a variety of people – some in person, some over the phone, and some via Skype or ZOOM video conferencing. In addition to my decades of life and leadership experience and informal training in the area of coaching, this year I am working towards a Diploma of Professional Coaching with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. Contact me if receiving coaching is something you would like to consider.

When I finished up from a very demanding leadership role three years ago, my desire was for a “simpler life, a smaller world, and a slower pace”. Although my life is full, I am definitely experiencing that intention … and loving every minute of it.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

May 2020 be all you hope it will be.

Stay well.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to 2020!

  1. I read your blogs when they arrive on my desktop. You are continuing to inspire others Mark. I pray this year will be rewarding as well as your opportunity to spend time with your first grandchild. Wishing you God’s best, George Forbes

    1. Thank you, George! That is very kind of you. Really appreciate your encouragement. Trust you continue to experience good health this year and opportunities to be a blessing to others, as you have for so many decades. God bless.

  2. Great to see you back, always love your blogs, and congratulations one and all, on the birth of baby Freya.
    Less and I absolutely love our granddaughter, Miss Elsie Pearl.
    I’m sure you will love every second.
    Blessings for the year ahead
    Les and Linda Bartal

  3. What a roller coaster Mark. So sorry to hear about Kevin and Rene, what a loss. They made such a difference to so many lives. Our son and his wife did marriage prep with them and still remember the wisdom. So happy to hear about the birth of your first grandchild. What a blessing. We have thoroughly enjoyed the transition ourselves; it’s a whole new ball game. May 2020 be a year of not moving! Unless it’s moving forward.

  4. Hi Mark, Sorry I’m a bit behind on your emails to. First a Big congratulations to Josiah and Michelle & to both grandparents it’s the best ever joy in our life’s so different from having brought up our own children 😊 If anything I think your life has got busier since you stepped down from CLC with all your house moves and all the above but it’s wonderful God is good. I look forward to your upcoming πŸ“š how exciting we miss you at CLC but I’ve just heard that you will be coming to speak in a few months looking forward to seeing you then. Lots of love to you and Nicole enjoy all the baby hugs n kisses from Freya Skye.

    1. Hey thanks Ann. So nice to hear from you. Yes life has been full but we do enjoy the little bit slower pace and the work we are now engaged in but we do miss the people from CityLife. Look forward to seeing you a little later in the year. All the best. Mark

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