Welcome to the first day of Spring! At least here in Australia where I live. This last week I spent time walking along Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River. Wildflowers were bursting into bloom everywhere. Here is one of the photos I took on my phone.

Wild flowers in bloom along the Yarra River in Melbourne Australia.

I then crafted the following poem. I hope you enjoy it. Most importantly, I hope you find increasing levels of love, peace, and joy in this next season of your own life journey.

Spring is here
Sun shining
Birds chirping
Flowers blooming 

Seasons turn
Winter is gone
No more cold
New life 

Come outside
Into the light
Fresh air 
Breathe it in

It’s time

The past is gone
Let it go 
Today is here
Embrace it fully 

Gentle movement
Agile motion
Feel the wind
Time to sail

Out from the shore
New horizons 
Adventure time 
Excitement for sure 

Seeds planted long ago
Coming to life
Starting to sprout
Out of the dark


Stories to be told
Songs to be sung
Festive food
Time to dance 

Welcome to Spring!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Spring!

  1. Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing, Mark. Your first paragraph before the poem,” love peace and joy”, these are the basic ingredients of our inheritance of our Christian life/walk. When we have these ingredients, we will live not only a healthy spiritual life but our whole well being will be great.

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