Can you believe it's almost Christmas! 

Usually around this time of the year, you'll hear some questions or comments from some well-meaning Christians such as:

  • "Jesus was not born in December."
  • "The Bible never tells us to celebrate the birth of Jesus."
  • "The Christmas tree is a pagan tradition."

True, the early Christians did not celebrate the birth of Jesus and Jesus never asked them to. They focused on his death and resurrection, as well as his promised return. Christmas Day as it is celebrated today did not begin until the fourth century. Interestingly enough, Jesus was most likely born in October not December. Shepherds don't have their sheep out in the December snow in the northern hemisphere! 

Many of today’s Christmas traditions (including Santa Claus and Christmas trees) have nothing to do with the message of Christ as portrayed in the Gospels. Nevertheless, it is a great time for Christians and the church to make the most of the opportunity to focus on the coming of Jesus Christ to earth as a baby born in Bethlehem. 

At CityLife Church, we find that unchurched family members, neigbours and friends will often visit our Christmas services even more than at other times of the year. So we love to take advantgae of this season to get the good news about Jesus out there loud and clear. Just because 'Santa' is an anagram for 'Satan' doesnt mean we should boycot Christmas!

No other person has influenced the world like Jesus Christ. Let’s worship him together and make him known this Christmas season.

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