JournalA few thoughts from my prayer journal this morning …

WORD and SPIRIT, Mark. These are your two legs for walking on. EVERY DAY, soak in My WORD and My SPIRIT. Allow them BOTH to saturate your soul – your mind, will, and emotions. In doing so, you will become STRONG in Spirit. Your inner world will develop a strength and resistance that will be much greater than the pressures increasing in your outer world. 

One without the other will cause you to be ineffective and will lead to imbalance, immobilizing your forward progress and movement. EXCEL in both aspects of your daily practices. Increase your uptake and download in BOTH the WORD and the SPIRIT. Double it … and you'll know a tangible breakthrough in every aspect of your life. 

Life is lived INSIDE OUT. Pour IN to your heart, your spirit, your mind, and your inner world … MUCH MORE of the WORD and MUCH MORE of the SPIRIT. You CANNOT survive without doing so, especially in the days and years to come. You cannot GIVE what you do not first RECEIVE. HEAR then SPEAK. SEE then ACT. Breathe IN … then breathe OUT my Spirit and my life. 


JESUS is passing by. Reach out and touch the hem of his garment. Allow His virtue to flow into your life. Touch Him and let Him touch you. 

SYNC with heaven's server. Download messages from God. Send him your requests (he will read them and respond in his time and way). Converse with him. Ask for attachments and links to strategic places. Ask for his Word to be automatically 'pushed' into your heart and mind. Stay 'connected' at all times throughout the day.

I pray this will be an encouragement to you as it as to me.


4 thoughts on “WORD and SPIRIT

  1. Hi Mark, these words are sure from God’s wisdom and heart. They have engulfed my heart with his love and grace as I read them. Thank you.

  2. WOW Mark! What an encouragement – thank you for sharing these beautiful words of truth, grace and wisdom from God’s heart.

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