CareerThis week we've been talking about Your Work, God's Work.

Did you know that the average person today has 5-7 complete career changes in their life time? That's an average of 10 different jobs with an average of 4.1 years at each workplace. 

I sure help the average, having worked as a builder's renovator, a book binder, a printer, a music director, a youth pastor, a church administrator and now as a pastor for the last 18 years.

Maybe you've had lots of changes in career too or maybe you're one of those people who stick at something for a long time.

Just for a bit of fun, here are some unusual though highly paid jobs in demand here in Australia:

1. Senior Submarine Cook. When the Royal Australian Navy advertised that it was willing to pay up to $200,000 for senior submarine cooks, it attracted worldwide media attention. It seems that there aren’t too many individuals with the cooking skills and organisational ability to produce morale-boosting food in a cramped galley.

2. Shark Tagger. Those tags that allow marine biologists to track the movements of great white sharks don’t magically attach themselves. If you’re willing to haul a shark onto a boat and help with the surgical implantation of a tracking device before throwing it back in the water, you probably won’t find yourself competing for jobs with too many others.

3. Island Caretaker. Love the ocean, and want to live a permanent holiday life? This job requires one to explore islands, and discover areas for exploitation. One will require some basic skills, like carpentry, plumbing, communication skills etc, in-order to help the Island achieve its recreational potential.

4. Crime Scene Cleaner. Ever wondered what happens after all the dirty work has been done at a crime scene and who cleans up the mess? Crime scene cleaners do it, though they need the stomach for it, due to the emotionally challenging nature of the job.

5. Fortune Cookie Writer. If you have a creative mind and imagination, you can earn good money with this job too.

Anyway, it doesn't hurt to daydream occasionally. Maybe you need a new job OR maybe you need to go to your current job as a new person … with a new perspective. Any plain old job or task can become a calling or a vocation IF we see ourselves as sent on a mission by Someone important. Your Work, God's Work – you're on a mission from God. Go to it!