Every December, Barna Group compiles its top findings and trends from research conducted in the USA in the past year. From legalizing marijuana to increasing secularization trends to America’s complicated relationship with sports — 2014 was an interesting year. 

1. Bible Skepticism Is Now Tied with Bible Engagement.

2. Young Adults Question the Value of Their College Degree.

3. Global Poverty Is on the Decline, but Almost No One Believes It.

4. Millennials Want a Church to Feel Like a Church.

5. Protestants Like Pope Francis, Too.

6. Americans Favor Legalizing Pot but Believe It’s Morally Wrong to Use It.

7. Practicing Christian Millennials Maintain a High View of Scripture.

8. Americans Say They Care Too Much About Sports.

9. Moms Are Stressed Out and Tired, but Satisfied.

10. Secularization Is on the Rise.

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