Today we come to our final question.

Here it is …

10. "How Can I Make Sure I Achieve My Top Ten Goals?"

One of the challenges in life is not so much knowing what to do but actually doing it. We often experience a knowing-doing gap. One simple key to achieving your top ten goals is to keep them visible. Type or write them up on a single piece of paper and keep them in plain sight so you see them every day. Awareness matters. Reading them every day will grab your attention and stimulate you to action. 

Plan some small steps each week towards one or more of your goals. Start to gather the resources you need. Get whatever support you need. Who could hold you accountable?

Most of all, enjoy the journey. Make it an adventure. Regularly ask yourself, "What is the next step?" Measure your progress. Have a weekly or monthly review. Set up a system to ensure that you do what you want to do.

I pray and hope that you will have your best year yet!

P.S. For some further thoughts on planning and starting the New Year well, see last year's series of posts on Life Planning.

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