Have a look through the goals you listed under each role yesterday. Reflect on them for a while.

Then move on to our next question …

9. "What Are My Top Ten Goals for This Year?"

With too many goals you will lose focus. Create a game plan that you can accomplish. That way you won't be discouraged by good goals that you don't get around to completing, even though you had good intentions to do so.

You don't have to eliminate any of the goals you wrote down. Just select ten that are the most important to you. You can still work on the rest of your goals and achieve them. But by selecting your top ten you are able to  focus in a laser-like way on what is most important. This list of top ten goals will be like a map for your journey. You'll be far more likely to reach your destination this way.

Before selecting your top ten goals, review your answers to the first seven question we've looked at. Remember what you have learned and what is most important to you. Think about what you'd really like to accomplish this year.

Look at your complete list of goals. Start to prioritise them. What will bring you the greatest return for your investment of time and energy? Maybe give them a rating, A, B, or C. Create your own categories. Whatever takes to think through what is most important.

Start writing out a fresh list now – your top ten goals for this year.

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