Let's move forward now and build on the questions we've already asked ourselves and answered over the previous week.

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8. "What are My Goals for Each Role?"

People who have goals achieve more result in life. That's a fact. People who know where they're going have a better change of getting there. If you don't know your direction, you risk just going in circles, living a life in which you exist but don't really grow or make progress.

Education and intelligence are good things but goals are just as important. A goal is simply a specific and measurable result you want to achieve within a specific time frame. It directs you to a destination.

Have a look over each role. Re-read your values. Then ask yourself what you would like to achieve in each one of your roles this year. The more specific your goals are the more powerful they will be.

Write out a few goals for each role. Set goals that you are passionate about and that you will be committed to making happen.

P.S. For some more tips on goal setting, click here.

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