AbolitionThe International Day for the Abolition of Slavery will be recognised by many churches around the country by holding an Abolitionist Sunday on November 20th this year. Although the fight to end slavery is a year round activity, Abolitionist Sunday provides an annual focus for churches to unite in action against this injustice.

Tim Costello from World Vision says, "Whilst legal slavery has been abolished, tragically there are far more slaves in the world today than when William Wilberforce was campaigning for the abolition of slavery in the first part of the 19th century. Today churches are challenged to work for the abolition of this modern evil."

At CityLife, we will be hosting the Melbourne Gospel Choir who have recently released a new album called Freedom. We will also be taking time before each weekend church meeting to pray for this issue. Of course, there is much more we can do than just pray, as powerful as that is. Click here to visit the World Vision Don't Trade Lives web site and find out more about some practical ways you can help. CityLife's Everyday Justice, Everyday Choices ministry will be hosting a Don't Trade Lives workshop on Tuesday evening, November 22nd. Click here for details. Everyone is welcome.

For a very moving video clip, "Beautiful Slave," by the music artist Take No Glory click here.

Thank you for your passion and support in taking action on this important issue. Together, let's continue to fight to end global injustice.

7 thoughts on “Abolitionist Sunday

  1. Hi Gabriel,
    You and your school mates at WCC are to be highly commended for taking the initiative to fight against injustice and slavery in the world. Way to go!!!
    Thank you for this powerful reminder Mark. Praying in agreement with your heart against this unjust practice of slavery. I was deeply moved by the movie “Power of One” and thank God for people who care enough to fight injustice and make a difference to better this world for everyone. It only takes one to motivate and mobilise others. Yes, together, we can make a difference to our world!

  2. Hi Mark, timely reminder to us all! Yes it’s tragically true that today in the 21st century, we still see slavery especailly among children! I recall watching the movie Amazing Grace some time back thinking what a difference one man made to challenge the status quo at the time! It’s good that we as a church too continue to highlight this issue! Good let’s pray as with God nothing is impossible!

  3. Hey Gabriel,
    EPIC has a social justice ‘themed’ night coming up and we would like to profile your G.W Vgen group… Unfortunately though we don’t have any contact details for you though so would you be able to email the youth office (youth@citylifechurch.com)your details so we can discuss this more.
    (ps. hope you don’t mind me using your blog as a connection tool Mark…)

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