Tom WrightTom Wright (also known as N.T. Wright) has achieved global recognition as a biblical theologian through his academic and popular publications. He is a leading New testament scholar and former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England. His most academic work is his Christian Origins and the Questions of God series, of which three editions have been released so far. These include The New Testament and the People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God and The Resurrection and the Son of God. Tom also has also written a commentary series on the entire New Testament called For Everyone, as well as a contemporary translation. His more popular books include Simply Christian (likened to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity), Evil and The Justice of God and Surprised by Hope.

Because of the number and size of Tom's books, few people have engaged fully with his thought and grappled with the implications. Stephen Kuhrt has done us all a favor through the release of his new book Tom Wright for Everyone. He provides and excellent summary and overview of Wright's theology in a broad range of areas, then describes in detail the way in which he has sought to put this theology into practice through the ministry and mission of his own local church, Christ Church in New Malden, England. This is a terrific book, well worth reading.

On a personal note, while on holidays in the UK recently, I was priviledged to have a coffee with Tom at St. Andrew University in Scotland, where he now resides (see pic). I found him warm, friendly, insightful and a joy to converse with. 

P.S. Visit the unofficial N.T. Wright page here, where there is a wealth of articles, lectures and links.


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