Have you ever had a conflict? Maybe a better question would be, “When was your last conflict?”

As we do life with other people it is inevitable that conflicts and disagreements will occur. How successfully we resolve those conflicts will have a big impact on our lives.

In most conflicts, there are wrongs on both sides. The trouble comes when we only focus on what the other person has done … rather than on our own contribution.

Let’s say for example, that you’ve just had a conflict with another person and they were 90% wrong and you were 10% wrong.

Don’t focus on their part; focus on yourself. Take care of your 10%. Learn to say a few powerful words – from your heart.

Firstly, “I’m sorry.” Those words can change an entire relationship. Then try this one, “I was wrong.” Finally, try this phrase, ”Would you forgive me?”

When we take responsibility for ourselves and respond to the heat of the moment with humility and kindness … the other person often softens and the conflict can more easily be resolved.

Yes, the art of making a genuine apology is essential for healthy relationships.

You can watch a video of this episode on the Soul Food with Mark Conner YouTube channel.

4 thoughts on “Soul Food Episode 43 – Apology

  1. Life will be so much happier when we all have the courage to say a “genuine” apology. Love, kindness and grace are the keys.

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