Someone once said that “encouragement is like oxygen to the soul”. Each one of us thrives in an environment of affirmation and encouragement.

In contrast, no one likes to be in an atmosphere where we are being torn down or ridiculed.

Come on … who likes to work for a boss who only speaks to them when they have done something wrong? Someone once called that ‘seagull management’. They flap in, dump on you, them fly out. Not a very pleasant experience at all.

So think about what you are doing to those around you. Are you encouraging them? Are you lifting them up with your words?

Occasionally, I’ll sit at a funeral and listen to the eulogy or the tributes that are given and often think, “I wonder if that person knew those things when they were alive?” Don’t wait until someone dies to tell them what you appreciate about them. Take the time now to express your love and your affirmation for them.

Don’t just think good things about people. People cannot read your mind. Take the time, write a note, make a phone call, send a text, tell somebody how much you appreciate them today.

Encouragement – it’s a vital ingredient of all healthy relationships.

You can watch a video of this episode on the Soul Food with Mark Conner YouTube channel.

12 thoughts on “Soul Food Episode 42 – Encouragement

  1. So true that encouragement is a vital ingredient of all healthy relationships and it can also bring hope to someone who needs it and brighten their day.

    1. Thanks Mike. You have always been a great encourager. A true sign of spiritual maturity and internal security 🙂

  2. Thanks Mark. You are one of the kindest encouragers II know who genuinely loves people and helps them to grow in the faith and life in general. I enjoy reading your inspiring encouraging messages very much. Keep up the good work. God bless you in every area of life.

  3. Thank you Mark. You are the best!

    Been encouraging .my grandchildren telling them that I believe in them, very proud of them and that they are talented and very intelligent. They are all thriving and acting on their Ya Ya’s encouragement. My 10 year old grandson has been nominated for robotics at Monash Uni. & has been nominated for school council as a leader. He blushed when I said to him, “Daniel, you are a born leader great debater and kind people person. One day we may hear of of Prime Minister Daniel Nice. Won’t that be nice.” 🙂

    We all need to encourage each other in love in order to believe in ourselves and be equipped for good works .

    1. Good on you, Marija. What a difference encouragement makes. Where would we be today without it? Great to pass it on to the next generation 🙂

  4. Love with encouragement is food for the soul which makes you soar on wings of Eagles and is a catalyst that helps you achieve your full potential.

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