I think we all understand the importance of our attitude. After all, life isn’t so much what happens to us as much as how we respond to it. Our attitude determines so much of who we become and what we are able to achieve in our lives.

Of course, everyone has times when they feel bad or down. A good attitude doesn’t prevent this from happening but it can stop us from getting stuck during those times.

The key thing is to realise that we are responsible for our attitudes.

I remember one Saturday morning, one of our kids, who was young at the time, burst into our room and said, “Dad, someone wet my bed!” I tried not to laugh but gently said, “I think you were the only one in your bed last night.” “No dad, it wasn’t me. Someone else did it.”

You know, we can all be a bit like that. Our attitude stinks … but, of course, it’s someone else’s fault.

You know, the sooner we admit it, the quicker we can clean up the mess and get on with our day.

Attitude … think about it. This is Mark Conner