Have you ever thought about your conscience?

I once heard a story of an American Indian who gave a great definition of what a conscience is. He said our conscience is like a small wooden triangle on the inside of us. When we do something wrong, it turns and scrapes the sides and we feel some pain. If we ignore it, however, over time, the edges of that wooden triangle eventually wear off and when we do something wrong, it spins, but we don’t feel anything anymore.

How profound.

You know guilt can be our friend. It is trying to get our attention – telling us that something needs our response. Guilt is always very specific and is aimed at us taking action to fix a certain situation. Once we do so, it has done its job.

The apostle Paul once said he always endeavoured to live with a ‘clear conscience’. What he meant was that every day he tried to make sure that there was no offence between him and God or him and others that he hadn’t attended to. No wonder he was able to go through life with so much peace … and joy.

Guilt … think about it. This is Mark Conner.