Husband A recent study conducted by Oxford University revealed that Australian men are the least desirable husbands when it comes to housework and helping with the children. With Aussie men, it seems that their passion for beer and sport takes precedence over doing the washing up. Aussie men are still perceived as being Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee types for whom a kitchen is largely unexplored and dangerous terrain. For single women, this only reinforces the old joke – ‘You start off sinking into his arms, then you end up with your arms in his sink.’

My fellow Aussie mates, we have work to do! This is an appalling result. We can do much better than this.

The report reveals that Swedish men make ideal husbands – not because of their Viking good looks, but because they are most likely to help with the housework.

The study, led by economist Dr Almudena Sevilla Sanz, set out to find the countries with the highest proportion of egalitarian men – those who have no problem strapping on an apron and doing their fair share of the housework.

Click here to read an article about this in the Sydney Morning Herald.

8 thoughts on “Aussie Men are the Least Desirable Husbands!

  1. That survey is complete rubbish – I pull my own weight aroung our house.
    Just last week I unstacked the diahwasher.

  2. You sure are spitting chips Richard 😉 I agree with you. There are some really good Aussie men out there. Who do these people survey anyway? The newspaper article does not do Aussie men justice!
    I think that in ANY country you will find good and bad.
    Would the real Aussie man stand up!
    Richard, keep up the good work my friend. You show them what Aussie men are really made of!

  3. You’re a wonderful blessing to your wife and family Richard. Keep up the good work my friend 🙂

  4. aww that’s no good. Well… my ethnocentric bias still holds onto the belief that a rugged Man from Snowy River type of guy is the pinnacle of manhood. With Europeans a close second place! 😀

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