All of us experience adversity in one form or another on a regular basis. We respond to adversity by thinking about it. Those thoughts rapidly form beliefs and these beliefs have consequences – in how we feel and what we do next.

A simple example: Your best friend hasn’t returned your phone calls. In response you think … “They don’t like me anymore; maybe I did something to offend them.” As a result you are fairly depressed all day and you don’t get much work done

Or imagine the same event … but this time in response you think … “They’re probably flat out and haven’t had a chance to call back.” As a result you feel fine and you have a productive day.

Can you see that the adversity is not the issue – it is what you believe about it that matters most!

We need to tune in on the internal dialogue that takes place in our minds. We need to dispute our beliefs and ensure that they are in line with reality. After all, our beliefs have a strong and direct influence on how we feel and the actions we take.

Beliefs – think about it.

One thought on “Beliefs

  1. Hi, i just dropped by to read and was very impacted by the example. I felt that in many ways I always do not guard my mind well, and thus, such thoughts became beliefs that causes depression or bitterness. If not done away with, they became deep-grained within, that they become difficult to get rid of. Thanks for the word that reminds me about the mind as one of the greatest battlefield.

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