I have written four books:

1. Transforming Your Church. This book outlines seven strategic shifts that each church must make to be healthy and effective. We have used these principles at CityLife Church and they have also been a help to many pastors and church leaders. It has a foreword by Bill Hybels. [Check out information about the completely Revised Edition here – May 2010]

Initially this book was published under the title Help Your Church Change (now out of print) and it was also published recently in the USA by City Christian Publishing under the title 7 Strategic Changes Every Church Must Make. See also Amazon for a paperback and eBook version.

2. Successful Christian Ministry. In this book, I outline seven principles of effective  ministry. These are things I have gleaned from observing and being involved in a variety of ministries for over 25 years. This is an excellent book for church or ministry leaders to help them train their teams. See also Amazon for a paperback and eBook version.

3. Pass the Baton: Successful Leadership Transition. This book outlines many of the principles that have helped CityLife Church navigate through three leadership transitions over it’s 40 year history. See also Amazon for a paperback and eBook version.

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4. Prison Break: Finding Personal Freedom. My latest book is called Prison Break and it presents principles for finding freedom from wory, fear, anger, depression, rejection, addictions, and spiritual bondages.

These books are available online from WORD Australia OR from Koorong bookstores. See also Amazon for a paperback and eBook version.

Cover Pic (small)Pass-The-Baton Cover TRIMSCM Kindle Cover NEWPrison Break