I use a DELL laptop with Vista and Microsoft Office software. I also use an Asus Eee PC 1005PE for travel, which I love – because the battery lasts over 12 hours. It uses a started edition of Windows 7 as an operating system which I like even more than Vista.

Outlook 2007 is my favorite program for keeping my life organised.

I sync my Outlook files (email, calendar, contacts, and tasks) to my Nokia E71 mobile phone, so I can send and answer email wherever I am as well as keep in touch with other key information.

I also really like the Microsoft OneNote 2007 program, which is a terrific place to create folders for keeping track of all the areas of your life and ministry. I have now replaced this with Evernote.

My favorite Bible program is PC Study Bible, although I also have the Logos Libronix Digital Library System, which is the grand-daddy of Bible software (I had this donated to me). I also use Accordance for MAC now.

Other good reference software includes Encyclopedia Britannica.

iTunes is great for managing music for my Apple iPod.

For financial management I use Quicken and Quickbooks.

For blogging I use TypePad software, which is very easy to use, yet professional looking. I also use Microsoft WORD 2007, which has a blogging feature that links directly with TypePad so you can post from WORD, after you have added in pictures or graphics, etc. Worth checking out.

Okay, confession time – I have defected OR converted to a MacBook Pro (13") … and I love it! I use VM Ware Fusion 3 to run some Windows-based programs such as Quicken and Quickbooks … but everything else is in MAC. I'm also using Office 2011 for MAC which will have a full version of Outlook. My initials are Mark Andrew Conner so MACs were made for me 🙂

I also have also updated my Nokia phone to an iPhone. See my favourite MAC programs for further details about the software I like.

[Updated: September 2010] 

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Totally cool that you are so techish!!! Love reading your blog stuff, thanks for the opportunity?? to jump on the lappy and spend some more time in space!! Love it!

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