It’s Christmas time again. I wonder what you enjoy most about this season? Maybe it’s the Christmas carols, the holidays, or the shopping. I know for the kids, it’s the presents. That’s what I looked forward to when I was young – maybe a new Mechano set or an extension to my Motorific slot car course. Today kids are into Star Wars paraphernalia, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the most covered gift of the season – the hoverboard. Pretty cool … and pretty pricey. 

You know, God took time to think about the kind of gift we needed. As Max Lucado once said,

“If our greatest need had been technology, he would have sent us a scientist.

If our greatest need was information he would have sent us an educator.

If our greatest need was money he would have sent an economist.

But because our greatest need was forgiveness, he sent us as Saviour."

My prayer is that you will open up that amazing gift this year.

Jesus is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Everyone.