Images-18 Generation expert, Tim Elmore, believes that those us who work with young people today need to pay attention to the way we relate if we are to correct some of the damage that has been done with this generation. After working with thousands of parents over the years, Tim has spotted eight damaging parenting styles that dads and mums can fall into without even knowing it. Some are unique to this generation while others have existed for years. 

1. Helicopter Parents – they hover too close.

2. Karaoke Parents – they try hard to be cool.

3. Dry-Cleaner Parents – they drop their kids off for others to raise.

4. Volcano Parents – erupt over minor issues.

5. Dropout Parents – let their kids down.

6. Bullied Parents – can't stand up to their kids.

7. Groupie Parents – treat their children like rock stars.

8. Commando Parents – let rules trump relationship.

For a quiz on what kind of parent you tend to be, click here

[From iGeneration iY – Our Last Chance to Save Their Future]

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  1. Oh no…too late…they’re all grown up and married now. But grandparenting is like being given a second chance to do it right! 🙂

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