Unknown-8This last Monday, I was privileged to be a part of a group of Christian leaders who spent an hour with Prime Minister Julia Gillard at Parliament House in Canberra. It was a very profitable time as we interacted and discussed a variety of issues, including religious freedom, persecution of Christians in Islamic countries, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. 

The gathering was organised by Jim Wallace and the Australian Christian Lobby, who continue to do an excellent job representing Christian values in the political arena. The Prime Minister was warm and welcoming, taking time to listen to and respond to matters of our concern. 

Let's continue to pray for our Prime Minister, as well as for Jim Wallace and the ACL.

16 thoughts on “Prime Minister Julia Gillard meets with Christian Leaders

  1. I’m not sure if I see the point of meeting with Julia, she’s turned on everyone she’s ever made a promise to.
    And isn’t Bob Brown the Prime Minister of Australia? He is of course making all the decisions. 😛

  2. Yes, Chris, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating in the political arena, with all the games that go on. Nevertheless, I believe we should pray for our leaders (whatever party or persuasion they may belong to) … and use any opportunity we can to have a positive influence on them.

  3. I recall a notice of a prayer network where a few of their members cornered K Rudd and asked him to verbally confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord” as a way of testing his spirit presumably. He didn’t give them the response they wanted and I think it was proof to them of his unchristian nature.
    It annoys me that someone thinking themselves SO important to the Kingdom actually tried to make MY PM religiously regurgitate some lame biblically correct answer for their own satisfaction. what arrogance

  4. It’s not altogether surprising to see Julia meeting with Christian values groups. What would be more surprising is if this meeting leads to a change of heart in regards to some of her stances on the topics they discussed.
    I am interested to know if any of the Christians leaders present at the meeting actually gave her a presentation on the gospel itself, and explained to her why she as a leader especially needs Jesus. Or perhaps she already has some understanding of such things.
    I go to Citylife, and seeing as the teaching as Citylife seems pretty solid to my limited understanding, I am glad that at least Mark was present, and I trust that the discussion was biblically based, and not just philosophical in nature. Praise God that Australian church leaders at least get the opportunity to have a discussion with the countries political leader.

  5. I am glad you have done this. God speaks into the hearts of non-believers as well as believers and can influence anyone.
    The PM needs help, that is for sure.

  6. It’s really encouraging that Julie Gillard was presented with a group of Christian leaders united in their concern for things that matter. Well done Mark.

  7. Thank you Mark for taking a stand with the Australian Christian Lobby to meet the PM. Agree that we should continue to pray for the country’s leaders no matter who is in power because God still reigns supreme.
    We do not want to become a godless nation as we will all suffer dire consequences.

  8. After having my car radio changed to 98.9FM by a grandson, I inadvertently heard a short thought-provoking message by you Mark dealing with human emotions. It was excellent, no doubt very helpful and may even cause me to listen to that station again some time!! I have just been corrected – 89.9….Whoops………Robyn S.

  9. So I will ask the question. Mark did you or any other church leader present directly ask Julia Gillard what her personal belief or stand is with regards to Jesus Christ and indeed the Christian faith??

  10. Hi Mark. Allow me to ask you a question … when you moved into your current home, when you first met your neighbours, did you “directly ask them what their personal belief or stand is regarding Jesus Christ and the Christian faith”?

  11. Mark, I’m pretty sure its on the record that she’s an atheist. Frankly, its a legitimate answer to the question. If your chasing lip-service to Jesus of some sort Mark it probably wouldnt be good enough for you anyway. The office of PM is not for Christians only. I think it could be interpreted as hostile and arrogant to ask someone whos openly atheist to justify and analyse themselves with how they compare to effectively our own christianity. Does the church want the character of Jesus with self-proving authority for miracles and things of God, in meekness and humility? Or do we want to engage like politicians where we dont rest until we wrangle a sound byte out of someone, and we’re not happy unless either they expose themselves entirely as being false or oppositely they give lipservice to our favourite form of christianity.
    Sometimes I feel that when people are imposing Christian values on another person, or addressing christian issues politically, it seems they have nothing to call upon but the anger of a pharisee whos tradition is being disparaged. Or the anger of a self-important institution that is now unfairly being ignored. Its hard for me to identify with this posturing given what I know about the supreme example, Jesus.

  12. Hi Nathan,
    I do agree with you that we should be following the example of Jesus. However, call it a long shot but I think if the Lord Jesus was looking Julia Gillard in the face He would be laying it on the line with her and definitely be “imposing His values”. He is a gentleman and respects our so called “right” to reject Him, even though it breaks His heart because He knows the consequences of that choice.

  13. what would jesus do is entirely a valid wrist band to wear but it does not mean your conclusions on the matter will always be right. Somehow I don’t think Jesus would bicker with Julia. My bible indicates he has very unique and authentic ways of dealing with people. and given that jesus unwaveringly died on the cross for the lost, possibly, just possibly he might manifestly have some awesome grace for Julia. call ME cRaZy!!

  14. Iperhaps get your point Mark. by following the very example of jesus we see that he was always concerned for the person first, their immediate needs and relationship, relationship and relationship. Well done for also following jesus example of answering a question with another question. I guess I was merely asking whether you or any others had an opportunity to talk directly in relation personal beliefs of julia’s or other person present. Go Pies!!!

  15. Yes, you are right Mark.
    Actually, Julia Gillard has publicly said she is an atheist, despite having a Baptist background. So the aim of this meeting was to connect with her, hopefully develop some level of rapport, and raise some important issues we are concerned about. Hopefully, there will be another time for further discussion …

  16. Sorry Mark, I greatly disagree with your praise of the the ACL. Mr Wallace too often misrepresents the Gospel as prejudicial, condemnatory and hate-filled. The ACL does not speak well for the Jesus I know and it certainly does not speak for the church.
    Mr Wallace disqualifies himself as an emissary of the Gospel when he makes ill-considered comments such as those noted in these articles:
    I am astonished and dismayed at the ludicrous way in which Ms Gillard is making public policy. She cites her personal upbringing and her personal conservatism as foundations for her thinking on same-sex marriage for example. Yet her personal life-story is utterly irrelevant. The PM might attempt to assess the Australian people’s views on the question. She might consider the ethics of the matter, or the public policy aspects. But to base public policy on mere attitudes she acquired as a child is unworthy of her and of the nation she purports to lead.
    Although I am a Christian myself, I am aghast at the PM’s invocation of the Bible. What relevance do ‘Bible stories’ have to the formulation of public policy on same-sex marriage or anything else? None. What we need is well-reasoned Christian ethics.
    Some Christians may attempt an argument against same-sex marriage on Biblical grounds, but they would not rely on childish reference to ‘Bible stories’!
    Why then does Ms Gillard make public policy on the basis of ill-informed assumptions about a religion in which she does not believe?

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