Decisions Decisions … we make them every day. Yet, think about how important they really are.

You might have heard the funny story about the successful businessman who was asked by a young man what the key to his success was. After thinking for a moment, the businessman answered, “Good decisions, that’s the key”. The young man then asked, “How do you make good decisions?” After a pause, the businessman said, “Experience, that’s how you make good decisions.” Hesitantly, the young man asked one more question, “How do you get experience?” Once again the businessman paused then answered, “Bad decisions!”


Well life is a bit life that – we live and hopefully we learn!


But the truth is that who you are and where you are today is largely a result of the decisions you made yesterday. In the same way, who you will be and where you will be tomorrow will largely be a result of the decisions you make today. After all, our decisions, not our conditions, determine our ultimate destiny.


What decision do you need to make today? Many problems are just a decision waiting to happen.


Decisions … think about it!

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