Many years ago I was on a building site and I was cutting through a piece of wood with an electric saw. Unfortunately, I cut through the wood and then took a chunk out of my finger. There was blood gushing everywhere. It really hurt. I rushed off to the hospital and got some stitches.

Thankfully, the body went into a healing process and over time the pain went away. I have got a scar there and I remember what happened, but it no longer hurts.

You know it is the same in our emotional world. Sometimes things happen that hurt us and it’s painful. But hopefully, we will experience a healing process so that over time the pain goes away.

How does that happen? It’s only through choosing to forgive those that have hurt us that healing takes place. If we don’t forgive, bitterness can become like a destructive poison eating us up on the inside.

So I urge you today, has someone offended you?

Have the courage to forgive them and to release them. NOT from accountability but from your need for revenge, to get back at them.

As you do, the healing process can begin to work in your life.

P.S. See also ‘Common Questions About Forgiveness.’

You can watch a video of this episode on the Soul Food with Mark Conner YouTube channel.

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