Someone once said that trust is the glue of all relationships. Trust holds things together. In contrast, when there is no trust, relationships start to break down.

Trust creates confidence and removes suspicion and fear. When trust is high in a relationship, you could even say the wrong thing and it will be okay. People give you the benefit of the doubt. Where trust is low, you could say the right thing and even then, people take you wrong or misinterpret you.

How do we build trust?

  • Trust starts with being trustworthy.
  • Treat people with respect, as you would want to be treated.
  • Admit it when you are wrong and be big enough to apologise.
  • Be quick to forgive.
  • Be loyal and avoid gossip. Integrity is how we treat those who are not present.
  • Keep your commitments and your word.
  • Have the courage to speak the truth in love.
  • Be transparent – open, real and genuine. Don’t be fake or two-faced. Don’t wear masks.
  • Make every effort to restore trust when it has been lost.

What is the level of trust in your relationships? What could you do to improve that trust today?

You can watch a video of this episode on the Soul Food with Mark Conner YouTube channel.

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